Pet insurance

What is pet insurance?

  • Whenever your dog needs to go to the vet due to an illness or an accident, you pay the Bill and the insurance Will pay it back.
  • These insurances are designed to release you from having to take difficult decisions or worrying about the money when the only thing you need to worry about is the health of your dog.
  • They exist to cover unexpected expenses derived from an illness or accidents your dog might suffer.
  • They allow you to choose your vet of preference. .
  • They pay for the cost of any vet bills and prescribed medicines.
  • They work like a comprehensive insurance, if you suffer from a collision the insurance pays for it

Peace of Mind

Illnesses and accidents

Possibility of choosing your preferred vet

How does a Pet insurance works?

+ Buy your insurance online, through your computer or even your smartphone.

+ Whenever your dog is ill or suffers an accident, take him to your vet of preference, and give him the best care possible, your insurance will be there to back you up with the charges!

+ Send the bills and the report from the vet and they Will pay back all the expenses arising from the transfer to your bank account.

Why do you need a health insurance for your dog?

+ Veterinary medicine has developed at the same rate as the human medicine has..
+ A lot of the treatments that our dogs might need can easily go up as high as 1000€..
+ The best way to take care of our dogs is to always be able to say YES to any veterinary treatment that suits the problem, with no regards of its costs.
+ Having a Pet insurance Will provide you the tranquillity of knowing that your dog will ALWAYS receive the best care possible.

What do you need to know about
pet insurances?

Maximum reimbursement

The maximum amount an insurance company will pay you a year. At some companies they reimburse you up until 2500€

Gap coverage period

The biggest pet insurance companies in Spain, establish a gap coverage periods of 1,2 or even 3 months, some companies offer a gap coverage period of 15 days for accidents and 1 month for illnesses.

Co-payment and reimbursement percentage

When hiring an insurance, please read carefully all the conditions written in it, there are some policies that Will only cover the 90%, 70% or even as little as 50% of your vet bill. A good company will reimburse you the 100%

Hereditary diseases

Not all companies cover hereditary diseases, some of them do, an example of this is Petplan which unlike other insurances, covers hereditary diseases that your dog may have.


Some Spanish companies have pre-established vets, this forces the owner of the dog to go to a vet that is not the one preferred, other companies let YOU choose which vet YOU would like to go to.

Pre-existing diseases

There is no Pet insurance in Spain that covers pre-existing diseases, that is to say those that your dog had before hiring the insurance.


Very few insurances in Spain cover for medicines, read the small print, in other companies they pay for the medicines prescribed by your vet.

Congenital diseases

Congenital diseases are excluded in the main insurance policies that exist in Spain, Petplan is, once again, one of the few who covers them.

Check the small print, and look for the best coverages for your dog.


Si tu perro sufre una enfermedad o un accidente te pagaremos los costes de:

  • Illnesses and accidents
  • Queries
  • Tests, analytics, radiography
  • Diagnostic procedures
  • Surgery and nursing
  • Hospitalization
  • Prescribed medicines
  • Hereditary conditions
  • Congenital diseases
  • Behavioural disorders
  • Chronic conditions
  • Prosthesis
  • X-rays
  • Ultrasounds
  • Cancer treatment
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Physiotherapy

What is NOT covered in normally?

  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Vaccines and deworming
  • Castration or sterilization
  • Routine or preventive visits
  • Experimental treatments

A Pet insurance SHOULD BE SIMPLE and EASY 
insurance to Understand

Reimbursement of veterinary expenses due to illness or accident

A good company should pay you up to an annual maximum of € 2,500 with a 100% refund percentage and at least a € 45 co-payment per claim.

Compensation for robbery/theft

The compensation with the value of the dog with a maximum of € 600 is a MUST, in case your dog is taken from you with violence.

Compensation for death by accident

Some companies will pay you the monetary value of your dog, up to a maximum of € 600, in case he or she dies due to an accident

Other services

Dog owner support package, specialized telephone assistance.. those are some of the features you should be looking out for.

Compensation for death due to an illness

As we've mentioned before any good company should at least pay you the value of your dog, up to a maximum of € 600, in case your dog dies of an illness

Ad expenses in case of loss

Reimburse you the expenses in ads in case of loss of your dog with a maximum of € 600 per year. This is not done by many companies but there are some that do so.

Sacrifice expenses and elimination of remains of the animal

The reimbursement of the expenses for sacrifice and elimination of remains of the animal with a maximum of €200

Stay in animal residences

In case of hospitalisation of the owner, a good policy should cover the expenses for stay in animal residence up to a maximum of € 600